“From that first trial, I knew that failure is not an option, even though the crop did not do well due to insufficient rains, I realized the need for adopting irrigation as a way of improving production,” said Kituku. Tomato prices hit year low across the country. FarmBiz TV:Intercropping Hass and Fuerte avocadoes can earn more than double yields . You can also grow seedlings for sale that means buying the seeds at $20 and selling each plant at $3-$4 giving you total revenue of $150-$200. Amount in kgs... 16 May 14:49 Potatoes shangi ... Watermelons, Sukari F1 variety grown in Makueni county. Nursery Project. The initial capital investment  at Sh120,000 for his first planting season were drawn from his savings as an untrained teacher at Gatunguri secondary school in Kerugoya, a job he engaged in as from June 2014 fresh from Egerton University where he undertook a degree in Biochemistry and molecular biology. ACK-funded Munyenze borehole water project in Kibwezi East, Makueni county, on October 22. Papaya is a delicate plant, anything that disturbs the roots of papayas wouldn’t make it grow well. Men's employment outside the region has a long history. Poll shows Kenyans worried about Coronavirus food shortages, Industry has pesticides ready for locust spraying, as swarms threaten on delays, Farmers find Coronavirus business in helping entrants and adding home delivery, Farmers gain financial support from banks as COVID-19 bites hard, FarmBiz TV: Butternut offers security with all-year steady pricing, Planning crops to fit the weather forecast delivers certain wealth, claim farmers, Farmers hold off locusts with neem in hope of timely government spraying, Predict the weather, make tomato fortunes. Growing Pawpaw in Kenya: Everything you need to Know. Compost. FarmBiz TV: Irrigation Board launches rice scheme to double yields. FarmBiz TV:Pears need cold, but grown high can make millions. Njeru Industries shakes up tea buying with fast payments. FarmBiz TV:Mighty jackfruit is a Sh250k-a-year tree in Mombasa. A Makueni farmer who ventured into pawpaw farming four years ago but lost half of his crops due to drought is not losing hope yet and has ventured into simple drip irrigation using bottles to avoid potential losses arising due to water deficiency. Fruits are firm and sweet, weighing 1-1.2 kilograms. This is the case I found in Marigat, Baringo County and Matiliku in Makueni County. A Mak­ueni farmer who ven­tured into paw­paw farm­ing four years ago but lost half of his crops due to drought is not los­ing hope yet and has ven­tured into simple drip ir­rig­a­tion using bottles to avoid po­ten­tial losses arising due to water de­fi­ciency. This variety originated in India where it is known as Madhu Bindu. FarmBiz TV: Coriander/Dhania, a fast-growing crop, enjoys all year round ready market. “I started in 1986 with about five to six cows, we … Pawpaw farming project in Makueni County, an arid and semi-arid land. FarmBiz TV: Farmers called to plant to feed through COVID-19, Fact Sheet: Best rabbit varieties for meat breeding in Kenya – Part 2, New deals for food transport will deliver food security. FarmBiz TV:Health food Blueberry delivers Sh8m+ a year per acre. The fruit which he grows from the nursery just within his farm normally take two months after which they are ready for transplanting and are transferred into two-feet deep and square holes with application of manure. However, he is now expanding the land under cultivation to two acres after leasing one acre of land in 2016 at a cost of Sh30,000 for the next five years. Mulch. With the irrigation under control, the farmer has no worries over the plants and expects to harvest at least 1.5 tonnes weekly as from August 2018 for a period of four consecutive years as papaya is a perennial plant can yield fruits for up to four years. 1. The male produces only pollen, never fruit. According to a 1982/83 survey of rural households in the Machakos District, agriculture accounted for 50 per cent of income, off-farm enterprises for 17 per cent, salaries and wages for 24 per cent, and other sources for 9 per cent (Ondiege 1992). Crops cultivated included maize, cow peas, pigeon peas, green grams, mangoes, citrus and pawpaw. The papaya tree continues to bear fruit until the age of 4 years. Cookies can be used to collect and store user data while you are connected. Hanging metal bars where four solar panels were stolen after an ACK-sponsored Munyenze borehole water project broke down in Kibwezi East, Makueni, on October 22. Hi I would like to plant onions in Kibwezi…. Factsheet: Selecting the best breeding rabbits for meat – Part 1. Fruit farming In Ukambani saving residents from insufficient rainfall Lower Eastern Kenya region commonly Known as Ukambani have adopted farming of different fruits. Kenya is considered one of the best places in the globe to grow grapes because of the cool climates. Pooled together under Pig Production and Marketing, Commercial farm turns Ugandans into agropreneurs, Kenyan middle class drives fresh juice processing, Regular soil testing informs farmers of required minerals, Farmers buying butterflies and bumble bees, Pyrethrum exports could plug the revenue hole, but Kenya still wants loans, Do you have some empty space that you would like to set up a vertical garden on? It was first imported by KALRO and propagated in their farm in Baringo. Factsheet: A-Z of posho mill types and prices. - 20,000 mature mango trees. Kituku purchases 5,000 liters per week at Sh2500 from county water bowsers every week. Learn more. FarmBiz TV:Custard apple shrubs offer Sh3k+ low-maintenance extra cash. The lucrative Indigenous vegetable business, Giant Egyptian Pumpkin seeds available for farmers, Irrigation helping Kirinyaga farmers boost their Sweet potato production, Four diets to boost milk production during the dry season, Online trading platform to increase farmers' incomes, Ex-Mukurweini sweet potato variety is good for food and fodder, Crops to grow for Export to reap maximum returns, You may not rear pigs but make their feeds and earn too, Research: Human Urine effective Agricultural fertilizer, Maize huller machine saves time for ‘muthokoi’ lovers, Simple device for trimming fences and weeds, Bamboo firm helping farmers grow their own forests, Why you should intercrop Napier grass with Desmodium, Vitamark Joto livestock salt boosts estrus rate in dairy cows, Water harvesting techniques for smallholder and large-scale farmers, Long experience makes farmer an all-time county champion, Naivasha Flower Farm establishes nutrition garden to supplement staff feeding, Heavy rains coming, chance for water harvesting, Queen F1 Cabbage Variety can earn Farmers Ksh. For more than a decade, Mr Johannes Mutisya, a farmer, has had a tough time eking out a living in Makueni District. Farmers suffer milk collapse on changing cows’ environment. Scientific research has been done on pawpaw. Kenya’s bread stays foreign on local wheat challenges from bird attacks to subsidized imports. The cookies added by Google Analytics are governed by the privacy policies of Google Analytics. He however incurred losses of approximately Sh80,000. Emali farmer sets up a Sh5m a year retirement with an acre of Tamarind, Agricultural extension juggles farmers’ enquiries in a demand-driven service. Arrowroot prices nearly double in 5 years on surging demand for traditional foods. With USAID-KHCP and BISEP facilitation, the group constructed four greenhouses equipped with drip irrigation, which they used for the multiplication of vegetables and fruit seedlings such as brinjals, cabbage, capsicum, kale, mango, onion, orange, passion fruit, paw paw and tomato. Kiambu solar driers give farmers Sh10k extra on crops from value addition. 5. Amiran hosting annual 70% off yard sale on 31st Oct-1st Nov, Kiambu farmer cuts lucrative niche in vermicomposting, Simlaw seeds introduce black rot tolerant Chairman F1 cabbage, FarmBiz TV:Anna F1 hybrid tomato variety emerges front runner in the Kenyan market, Nyandarua farmer rakes in Sh5M a season from craspedia flowers, FarmBiz TV:Rearing New Zealand rabbit earns student Sh45k per month, Nakuru company importing multifunctional 150kg/hour grain thresher, Association gets farmers growing and earning from bamboo, Africa and Asia’s Food Security ‘Tipping Point’ & the Hope for Collaborative Solutions this World Food Day, Laikipia trust employs 700+ women processing cacti and aloy, FarmBiz TV:High-yielding and adaptable Red haven peach variety earns Sh15,000 per tree, Institute pioneers banana paper use in managing potato cyst nematodes, Nakuru company hiring compost makers countrywide, Nyeri farmer cuts cabbage production cost to just 2 bob, Kilifi farmer unable to meet growing brahma chicken demand, FarmBiz TV:Biochar organic fertilizer gives 50% to 70% yield increase, Kericho farmer builds model dairy unit milking 520 litres daily, FarmBiz TV:Nanyuki farmer increases income tenfold from a rare bird, Black Soldier Fly grower enlisting farmers to earn income, 22 year old student uses 8 x 6 garden to keep family fed, Farmers rearing catfish in 3 x 4M greenhouse yield tonne in 9 months, Sh37.5M project to help women dairy farmers access markets, FarmBiz TV:Aloe- vera earns Kericho farmer Sh1.8 m per year, Exporter urgently seeking for ABE chilli farmers, FarmBiz TV:Grafted guava tree earns Sh2K per tree in a season, Isinya farm cuts middlemen with 64 member WhatsApp group, New Yarra app helps farmers identify plant nutrient deficiency, FarmBiz TV:Red Valencia groundnut variety doubles yields compared to ancient varieties, Livestock consultant introduces milk booster increasing output by 7L, Amiran introduces 4-6 weeks soil PH adjuster, FarmBiz TV:Vanilla prices soars for pioneering Kenyan farmers, Former researcher making Sh450K in tomato sales, KALRO selling 45 Kg disease tolerant tissue culture banana, KMFRI develops 13 new fish products and farmer training, FarmBiz TV:Yellow-fleshed sweet potato earns farmer Sh1500 more, Yara fertiliser program increases maize yield two-fold, Muranga based company looking for rabbit meat suppliers. Pawpaw seeds are sown at a depth of 1 cm in rows which are 15cm apart. FarmBiz TV : Unexploited potential of dolichos/Njahi bean. Growing papaw plants is a worthwhile trees farming activity P awpaw / tissue culture banana farming e-manual is now available. - 5,000 mature orange trees - pawpaw trees also in the land - … • Honey dew pawpaw variety. Delete cookies, By using our website, you agree to our use of cookies. He bought 1000 red royale F1 Papaya seeds at a cost of Sh70,000 from an agro vet in Nyeri which he then established on a nursery bed for a period of three weeks. “While in the nursery, I applied pyramid fungicide, loyalty insecticide and optimizer folia fertilizers at the rate of 50g for every 20 liters, the three were mixed thoroughly in the same knapsack sprayer,” said Kituku. We feel farming is the ultimate retirement package after employment. In order to provide you with the best online experience this website uses cookies. This vast agricultural land is located in kibwezi kitengei b, kibwezi district in makueni county. Fact sheet: Propagating and harvesting mint. Beautiful 730 acres land in kibwezi. International Development www.usaid.gov. You may disable cookies from Google Analytics. FarmBiz TV: Kalro launches drought tolerant soya bean variety (SB19) doubling earnings. On 21st Nov 2017, Alex Kituku invested Sh150,000, cash he obtained from a sacco at his current workplace at an EPZ firm in Kitengela in purchasing papaya seeds, fertilizers and land preparation. Find the best offers for Properties in Kibwezi. Alex Kituku harvested just five tonnes from one acre of the crop under cultivation out of a potential expected yield of 15 tonnes after one season. The greenhouse facilities and drip irrigation enable the farmer group to consistently supply high quality seedlings to … Alex Kituku har­ves­ted just five tonnes from one acre of the crop under cul­tiv­a­tion out of a po­ten­tial ex­pec­ted yield of 15 tonnes after one sea­son. Kenya and Aberdare forests, Integrating technology solutions to produce better yields for farmers, Oserian Development Company launches solar plant to power operations, Coffee prices up 14 per cent on delivery of quality beans, John Deere offers South African software firms the chance to help boost precision farming, How Machakos farmer is surviving climatically harsh condition of the area producing enough for the family, Coriander helps farmer cuts pesticide costs by ‘seducing’ pest eating insects, Uasin Gishu farmer who dumped maize for vegetables does not regret, Fact sheet on growing cut flowers for export, Kenyan government launches Sh9m post-harvest training programme for tomato farmers, Farm introduces Murang’a 20 macadamia variety with improved yields all year round than common varieties, Liming reduces fertilizer wastage increasing crop yields, Kirinyaga County macadamia farmers up their production thanks to ready market, Search for nutritious milk lands farmer into lucrative dairy goat rearing, Forum launched to help farmers evolve and grow their businesses, IT Manager excels in dairy farming side hustle job, Health benefits and increased demand for chia seeds entice Western Kenya farmers to grow the crop, Kajiado farmer finds sweet side hustle in cucumber and lettuce production, Kinangop potato farmers to find solution to market challenges for their produce, thanks to a new plant, Cabbage farming tips for smallholder farmers, Urban dairy farmer defies all odds, builds a thriving venture in the city, Kenya put to test in applying government’s new Acts in sugar regulation, Consumption of poultry meat in Kenya to hit 164.6 thousand metric tonnes in 2030, study, Salgaa broiler farmer makes Sh121,500 a month thanks to the increasing demand of the chickens’ meat, How to control tomato pests and diseases without use of pesticides, Avocado farmer earning Sh70,000 per harvest after abandoning coffee production, Tied ridges increases sorghum and millet yields in dry areas, Youth from Eastern, Central and Western Kenya regions to benefit from Sh14bn fund for fish production to curb deficit, Government to offer internship to agricultural graduates, equipping them with practical skills in farming, Kenya’s agriculture sector grows by 6.6 per cent, Kenyan avocados cleared to enter the expansive Chinese market, Former IEBC clerk who invested Sh20,000 in pawpaw farming has no regrets, Pans helps farmers harvest water for use all-year round, Eldoret passion farmer earning up to Sh70,000 a week after leaving chaotic ‘mitumba’ business, Community based organization helping farmers grow herbs to benefit from an all-time stable prices, Locally modified machine that controls mushrooms humidity, keeping off deadly disease, New bean varieties that use less water to help farmers beat drought effects, Persistent watermelon farmer rakes over Sh900,000 a season despite losing all at first attempt, New feed technology that increases weaning weight by 2.7kg in pigs, Naivasha flower farm tops for adopting renewable energy as away to save environment, Youth using his knowledge to train and help farmers in crop production, further linking them to markets, NGO to contract 99,000 farmers in Kilifi to grow Cocoa, Brookside increases milk prices by five shillings to cushion 160,000 farmers against drought effects, Quest for healthy diet births a fruit and vegetable agribusiness for Kitui farmer, Kenya’s mobile-based food delivery firm aims to connect more African farmers with buyers, Nandi County launches construction of milk processing plant to help farmers with ready market, Youth, women empowerment firm in need of more arrowroot buyers for the produce, Isuzu East Africa introduces cold chain logistics vehicles to enable farmers transport perishable produce, KALRO to hold the first ever agricultural scientific conference and exhibition in Nairobi, Kenya to export avocados, baby carrots and broccoli to the Mauritius market, Cape gooseberry, wild fruit that can earn smallholders up to Sh750,000 an acre, Why the proposed animal manure bill could hurt Kenya’s food production goals, Kenya’s increasing agricultural innovations poised to boost food security, Weed tolerant maize for Western Kenya does well in both short and long season rains, Resilient farmer earns Sh100,000 a month from pawpaw and passion farming after losing Sh446,000 in watermelon, Dudutech launches pest control NEMguard to boost yields without EU residue risk, E-wallet roll out to enable farmers access government subsidies, Youth start mushroom production and supply firm to fulfill their passion, Government agency trains farmers on safe use of pesticides to ensure Kenya’s fruits and vegetables meets international market demands, East African Malting to contract farmers in Laikipia, Kwale, Baringo, Taita Taveta and Bungoma to grow white sorghum, Kenya to build Africa’s first agritech innovation incubator, Government to create new policy to develop a National Livestock sector, High yielding and fast maturing grafted tree tomato seedlings variety now available for Kenyan farmers, How to control roundworms in sheep and goats, Group marketing helps Kwale citrus farmers triple income, Taita Taveta County to construct a Sh116m banana processing plant to boost the crop’s farming in the area, Nairobi modern farmers’ market set to connect food producers directly with consumers, Kenya Nut Processors to create new laws to shield macadamia farmers from the nuts’ theft, How to identify genuine maize seeds this planting season, Finance graduate making up to Sh70,000 in three days from avocado farming and supply, Sigh of relief for Kericho dairy farmer after Kenya Dairy Board suspended controversial regulations, Ugandan market opens up for Kenyan beef farmers, Fact sheet on how to grow the highly demanded sorghum crop, Graduate earns about Sh1m a season from hay production after leaving Sh10,000 salary job, Drought tolerant yellow maize which can yield eight tonnes per acre best for silage making, Kephis introduces new requirements for avocado producers and exporters to South Africa, Local NGO helps over 50,000 farmers’ countrywide save and access chemical free seeds, Water saving crystals that can enable plants survive longer in dry conditions, Global company launches initiative to help smallholders through poultry value chain, Scientists discover wasps that can kill 70 per cent of fall armyworm pests, Avocado society mobilising for increased production as more markets expected, Seedlings nursery introduces drought tolerant apples for low rainfall areas, Kilifi farmers to start organic cocoa farming as an alternative crop to cashew nuts, Narok farmer makes Sh780,000 profit every three months from short season crops, Researchers identify 28 insect species with higher crude protein content effective for fish and poultry production, FAO launches programme to increase soil productivity and reduce degradation in Africa, JKUAT introduces new button mushroom variety suitable for warmer areas, How to grow and achieve three times bigger size in eggplant fruits, Good news for tomato farmers as prices double on high demand, Farmer harvesting strawberries all year round from multi-storey gardening, Long rains set for the fourth week of March, says Weatherman, Nigerian firm launches smart technology to help smallholders access vital information on farming, High-yielding and drought tolerant Carmen F1 cucumber variety earns Sh225,000 a season, Government to distribute one million bags of subsidised fertiliser to smallholder farmers as planting season begins, Murang’a farmer feeds cows with yeast, improves milk production by up to three litres a day, How farmers can multiply clean banana planting material from existing plants instead of buying, Motor assembly company unveils a light and cheaper multi-purpose tractor for farmers, Mulching saves farmers Sh15,100 in maize production costs, Former electrician invents new multi-storey gardening farming technology using dam liners, Planting coriander in your farm controls aphids, white flies and mites, FAO to help farmers fight Red Palm Weevil, the world's most invasive pest species, Government organization to train potato growers on seed development to curb shortage, University drop out makes over Sh0.5m net income a season from French beans farming, Device that converts any space into a cold room to preserve fresh produce invented, Adding crushed egg shells to the soil and watering thrice a week controls blossom end rot in tomatoes, Good news to fresh produce exporters as Air France announces more weekly flights to Kenya, Farm training farmers on cheese making for more returns, Green legume manures saves farmers Sh3200 per acre in fertiliser costs, Meru dove farmer turns childhood hobby into a profitable farming venture earning him Sh600,000 yearly, Safety measures to take in pesticide application on your crops, Coast based agricultural firm conducts training workshops for poultry and dairy farmers, Farmer ventures into earthworms farming to fix tired soil, International exporter contracting farmers to grow herbs, Nigerian agro-tech firm to support Kenyan smallholder farmers access tractor services through IoT, Fact sheet on piglet management for improved production, Company trains farmers on dairy, poultry nutrition and health management, Hardy Siberian kale (Sukumawiki) variety cultivars available for Kenyan farmers, Government to provide Meru farmers with free macadamia seedlings to double production, Safaricom partners with livestock association to host agribusiness trade fair in Homa Bay County, New technology to help farmers raise hardier and more productive animals developed, Intercropping sorghum and legumes can give 35-60 per cent more profit than maize bean system, Grafting purple and yellow passion fruit controls deadly wilting disease, East African Breweries Limited looking for 45,000 more farmers to grow sorghum, Former hardware businessman now makes Sh7,500 a day from dairy farming in Kawangware, Health and wellness counselor finds alternative cool cash from goat milk yoghurt, Blueberry demand results in unique technology support, John Deere employs contractor model to help Kenya's smallholder farmers mechanise, Local and international rise in demand for the nutritious chia seeds entices farmers to grow the crop, Liquid Telecom Kenya’s IoT network enables fish farmers to monitor ponds and increase production, Forget about Kenya, South Africa could also be hit by low egg prices as major dealer records 13.6 per cent decline, Government establishes new institute to enable farmers increase market reach via value addition, Research institute develops fish smoking kiln to help farmers reduce wastage and improve income, New sesame hulling plant launched in Ethiopia to provide farmers with ready market, Kenya lifts ban on Chinese fish imports as local production declines, High yielding South African table and wine grape cuttings, seedlings and rootstocks available in Kenya, Smut disease tolerant Napier grass gives 60 per cent more yields, International agriculture and poultry exhibition to be held in Nairobi, Simple and cheap ways to improve soil fertility and prevent prevalent pests, diseases invasions, Former driver becomes award winning dairy goat farmer, Failure by government to pay back tax and avail subsidized fertilizer to hurt flower farms, Student grows off-season vegetables for profit, Makueni County launches new dairy plant with a higher milk processing capacity to provide market for farmers, Association to link 10,000 Macadamia nut farmers to markets as crop prices triple, Law graduate earns Sh4.2m from tomato farming targeting low supply dry season to produce the crop, Kenya’s fresh produce now ranked third highest foreign exchange earner, Good news to farmers and traders as avocado demand increases to 80 per cent in export markets, Kenyan flower sector booms despite fertiliser shortage, International companies launch satellite imagery technology to help cocoa farmers up yields, Crop experts join efforts to help eradicate troublesome flower pests in Kenya, Farmers: Forget about export, Kenyan local market in need of 1,000mt of garlic yearly, Women group ventures into silkworm farming for steady and more income, Nandi farmer makes over Sh1.5m a season from tomato, tea and cabbage sales, Government gives 48,000 subsidized chicks to farmers to raise income, Molo farmer helping colleagues get clean potato seeds amid acute shortage, Kenya Seed Company is contracting farmers to produce Boma Rhodes seeds, Time your Irish potatoes for maximum profit during high demand, KEPHIS launches new high yielding fast maturing coconut variety for Coastal farmers, Young graduate earns Sh760,000 a season from growing short-term crops after an Israeli training, Pineapple farmers to earn 15 times more by exporting produce to Israel, Fresh produce exporter looking for growers from Kajiado and Ukambani counties, Fact sheet on heart water disease in cattle, sheep and goats, Scientist finds solution to deadly banana disease through genetic orientation, New biological solution stops fruit flies attack on mangoes, New app to help western Kenyan farmers diagnose plant diseases using satellite data, Siaya group excel in collective marketing of traditional vegetables, New quality based payment regulations to strengthen dairy sector in Kenya and improve farmers’ income, European Union market opens up for Kenyan sweet potato farmers, Organisation launches online seed informational tool to enable farmers access critical data in one click, Former fine art expert finds steady income in raising seedlings, Researchers develop new drought tolerant finger millet varieties resistant to blast disease and striga weed, A social enterprise develops solar cooling facility to save fresh produce from undue spoilage, Blossoming Kenyan flower sector produces one of the best cut flower grower globally, Good news for coffee farmers as prices jump 24 per cent on delivery of quality beans, Sugar farmers attack draft industry regulations as anti-constitutional and illegal on multiple counts, Rising demand for herbs and spices in local and international markets ignites the farming in Kenya, Census to help Kenyan crop growing farmers access subsidized fertiliser and markets, Sugar cane farmers callout new zoning law that restricts market access, Mango processor buying produce from all-comers, COMESA plans to tame fake seeds in member states countries with common logo, High yielding Burundian arrowroot variety tubers available in Kenya, Dudutech cutting edge pest controls now available in Tanzania, Homemade dairy feeds cuts milk production costs by a third, Government to promote green grams farming in Makueni to ensure farmers maximum profit, Government launches project to eradicate water hyacinth in Lake Victoria to benefit fish farmers, Kitui County to offer free artificial insemination to over 100,000 farmers to improve production, Exporter looking for ginger, garlic, okra, pumpkin for its growing markets, Sugarcane farmers to receive payment from 2014 before end of January, Good news to Kenyan consumers as egg prices remain low due to glut in local markets, Organization helps tea farmers market their produce, Nyeri processor increases milk intake prices by seven shillings a liter, Public and private players intensify efforts to revive cashew nut farming at the coast, Foods company buying cabbages, oranges, pawpaw, carrots, onions, potatoes, pineapples, passion fruits and tomatoes e.t.c. kindly advice me if you can offer technical support so that I will not incur loses and 2). “For the drip, I used 10 liter bottles to water the plants which I achieved by piercing just single hole at the base of the bottle,” he said. Bigger bottles need small holes too because pressure for the water inside is high too,”. Here is how to do it, As El Nino swallows up farmers' harvests, those who took insurance have nothing to worry about, Insemination services near Kenyan farmers as State sets up new freezing facilities, Smallholder farmers dying poor because they lack enough market information, Pesticide residues in vegetables will be the end of Sukuma-loving Kenyans, Nutritionist proves that Amaranth weed has bundles of money hidden in its grain, New plan allows investors to buy herds of cows and wait to milk profits, Eating termites is healthy and there are people who farm them for ready markets, Clever farmers will be smiling all the way to their banks after the El Nino rains, Farming on balconies the solution to Kenya's rising food prices, Farming venture in Naivasha proves that Kenya can produce Africa's finest wine, Kenyan home buyers now want houses with cultivation spaces, Fodder shrubs a cheaper alternative to commercial feeds, Eldoret children's home supplies the country with fresh cheese and milk, Proper handling of produce to save Africa Sh4bn every year, Farmers working to save last crop before El nino rain falls, Distribution revolution promises to make food prices manageable, Kenyan researchers set up digital information repository, but more effort is needed to fetch results, KARLO SETS UP DIGITAL INFORMATION REPOSITORY, BUT A LOT MORE EFFORT IS NEEDED TO FETCH RESULTS, Weeds tell farmers the kind of soils they have and crops to grow on them, Seed selection tool for Kenyan farmers goes live, NYS urban farming projects provoke the youth to think outside the box, School children to learn about soil using new educational materials, Agency helps farmer groups get credit with produce on their farms as collateral, Row as Kenyan claims his famous biogas invention was stolen by German, Amisha saw the limitless potential in the superfruit that is baobab (mabuyu), and she is doing a good job selling its health benefits to the world, New platform that allows farmers to use Grains as collateral for loans launched, Sorghum value addition opens new frontiers for Kenyan farmers, Livestock association gives sector face lift, Farmers hopeful as scientists close to finding maize lethal necrosis resistant seeds, A farmers' group give agricultural skills to pupils to contain food insecurity, Back in the Day, Tilling Land Was a Communal Activity Characterised by Song and Dance, Back in the day, tilling land was a communal activity characterised by song and dance, Agriculture center creates millionaires through free trainings, The Cape Gooseberry is a 'wild' fruit that could possibly be used to treat cancer, Purple tea earns Meru farm 10x more in exports, Embu cooperative group turns farmers into net suppliers, Retired army general harvests millions from trees, Eldoret farmer creates buzz in market with stingless bees, Urban farmer dumps investing in real estate for pig rearing, Village libraries quench farmer thirst for information in Vihiga, Indigenous vegetables promise farmers nutrients and profits in cash, Bomet farmer champions low cost zero grazing model, Online tool enables farmers predict weather patterns, Mumias cane farmers find solace in Soya and Maize, Pig farmers cautioned against use of Kitchen leftover feeeds, Scientists breed goat that survives climate change, Researchers develop M-Pig app to curb inadequate extension officers, Citrus farmers eye juicy future with pest control project, Bamboo farmers' patience pays off as markets open up, KTDA launch cashless system to help farmers keep thieves at bay, Ruiru’s Facebook farmer reaps tomato millions, Online tool helps rabbit farmers track progress remotely, Company makes cheaper farmer financing a reality, Telephone farmers find solace in Agronomist, Firm links dairy breeders to ready market using E-marketing, Karen farmer champions urban organic farming with soilless medium, The man who brought Africa's fastest maturing tomato to Kenya, Organic Company turns trash to farm treasure, healing soils, Company targets smallholder farmers with unique greenhouses, How post election violence frustrations birthed dairy empire, Former milk hawker finds his cash cow in dairy farming, Fanya juu terraces restore soils, yields and optimism, IT consultant finds fortune in rare birds, Online seed tool maps varieties for all 47 counties, Sweet potato becomes food of choice in arid areas, 13 new wasp species to bolster war on pests, Ugandan Coffee farmers acquire new wilt resistant varieties, IT innovation connects farmers to unsecure loans, Ugandan farmers embrace automated irrigation system, Science teacher’s innovation that uses compost heat to boil water takes pressure off forests, Youth find financial lifeline in coffee nurseries, Farmers make silage from sweet potato vines, Trans Nzoia farmer group captures international maize markets, Sorghum project gives Western women financial might, Home made greenhouses fight poverty in Bungoma, Dorper sheep resuscitates sheep rearing in Kenya, App cuts time and cost of connecting farmers, The engineer who found fortunes in coffee and pigs, Flower companies embrace integrated pest management, The former teacher leading a banana revolution in Vihiga, Farmers double yields with fish poultry technology, Climate change lab points Kenya to local solutions, Farmers crack regional markets with groundnuts, Researchers set sight on superior pig breeds, Attack by two parasites reduces cattle death study, Village cooperatives redefine value addition, Uganda government boost coffee production with free seeds, Polytechnic club entices youth to farming, Volatile markets, rebels take toll on Uganda cotton, Africa harmonizes policies to boost fish trade, Organic vegetable fertilizer doubles yields, Africa’s premier water fund to fight soil erosion, Farmers, fast food joints find fortunes in Soko shambani, Fish pond waste water increases milk yields by three litres, Orphaned crops find homes in E. Africa women farmers, Informal food markets more hygienic than supermarkets,study, Kenya welcomes bean varieties that reduces cooking time, Elite banana variety tames Uganda’s imports, Farmers boost milk yields with do it yourself model, Army general turns 12 acre land into model farm, Project seeks to harmonize Africa’s fish trade, Farmers fight urban hunger with bucket ponds, Researchers target beer companies with sweet sorghum, Youth take pressure off forests with unique stoves, Kakamega farmers triple yields with interest free loans, Potato farmers find fortunes in value addition firm, Mumias farmers replace cane with soya beans, Weather based insurance key to food sufficiency, report, Dairy farmers increase yields 5x conserving fodder, Telecentre points Tanzania farmers to Kenyan buyers, Ugandan farmers question cattle measuring tape, Purple tea offers farmers mixed bag of fortunes, Pig and bicycle opens up maize business for couple, Pig association assist farmers double pork prices, Waterpans shield Naivasha farmers from depressed rains, The powder that increases bird weight by 50 per cent, Former accountant builds multi million fish hatchery, Vegetable project transforms farms to cash cows, Youth eyes Russian market with oyster mushroom, Pig supplement increases weight, fight worms, Residents find reprieve in cheap duck oil, How SACCO rose from pulping to exporting processed coffee, Motorized pump reduces spraying time four fold, Electric motorbikes save Nyakach fish from rot, Vanguard farmer makes a killing with chick nursery, Rabbit meat and urine offer farmers profitable alternatives, Farmers dictate market prices with mobile phones, Youth restores sanity in Uganda’s pig farming, Climate change threatens livelihoods of fish producers, Fertilizer free farm becomes Nyanza’s food basket, Uganda targets triple yields with coffee farming manual, Camel milk, goat breeding lift Borana’s fortunes, Information access boosts farmers’ yields and incomes, Electronic fishing rigs increase harvest 10 fold, Broiler farm to bridge poultry products shortfall, How a humble vegetable crop changed Gilgil farmers’ lives, Farmer saves seeds in gourds creating bank, New soya bean varieties boost farmers and country’s income, Smallholder farmers reap double growing crops with trees, Traders’ pricing sound the death knell for farmers’ income, Scientists mull insect based animal feeds to tame cost, Leather city a boost to Kenya’s export earnings, Pokot women target export market with unique honey, Africa bets on rice union to boost production, Communal grazing scheme resuscitates camel rearing, Community cinema eases pressure on Kakamega forest, The horticultural empire that city engineer built, Uganda records quail farming boom despite Kenya’s fiasco, Farmers scramble for wonder sheep as country resuscitates rearing, Rural SACCO transforms to a milk powerhouse, Red Maasai sheep insulate farmers from weather changes, Vet saves arid area cows with low cost feed preservation, Farmers increase food shelf life with low cost innovation, Legumes boost Nyeri’s soil fertility and flower production, Farmers milk fortunes adding value to soyabeans, Garissa farmers get smart with new age crops, Tomato growing hobby rises to a multimillion empire, Forest project create incomes and jobs for Western farmers, Farmers return to fruit farming on attractive market pay, Goat farming points HIV positive farmer to fortunes, Packaging law becomes traders’ hot potato, Farmers breathe life to tender crops with polythene covers, Farmers award fetes Kenya’s agricultural finest, Tomatoes and capsicum lift youths’ fortunes, Farmers correct climate change mess organic farming, Companies step up war on horticultural pests with new innovation, Kenya bets on high value sorghum to boost yields, Low cost pest arsenals rescue Kenya flowers, The class four dropout who found money and fame in soil, Former civil servant turns farm into award winning food basket, Spider with appetite for mosquitoes guides war on malaria, Organic food certification standards Uganda, Coffee finds its mojo in modern pest control arsenals, Online agribusiness directory brings markets closer to Ugandan farmers, Farmers build fish ponds with mud cutting construction costs, Kenya’s ‘hidden hunger’ situation chronic, study, Uganda mulls fingerprint tracking to tackle fake seeds, How Aspirin reduces pest attacks in crops, Maize shelling takes toll on farmers' earnings, Black plastic film tames water evaporation in arid farms, Farmers bear brunt of accessing markets solo, Kenya looses on Bt cotton fortunes as peers rake millions, Dairy farmers milk fortunes with new finance model, International markets open up to Kenya’s cosmetic leaves, Childhood curiosity births soil testing lab, Nut farmers crack profits as local demand soars, Environmental pollution reduces Kenyans life expectancy, Flower farmers lose millions to sap sucking insect, Mwingi farmers preserve future with fodder technology, Farmers tame post harvest losses with homemade innovations, Kenya launches aflatoxin lab to tame spread, Nestle rekindles coffee’s glory with hybrid variety, Health conscious Kenyans drive cultivation of neglected thorny fruit, Prison warder cross breeds tomato with Sodom Apple, Watermelons flourish in the middle of barren farms, Farmers increase earnings extracting milk from soyabeans, Engineer builds horticulture empire in city, Superior sheep breed rekindles sheep rearing, Vanguard women farmers find money in trash, Diminishing arable land paves way for rabbit farming, Dairy farmers conserve environment with biogas digesters, Kenya looses on leather fortunes as Ethiopia rakes billions, Farmers tackle climate change with smart villages, Western Kenya to lead Kenya’s palm oil revolution, Bitter times for fruit farmers as new disease strikes, Scientists pitch for herbal medicine to cure livestock diseases, Low cost carbon charcoal takes pressure off Kenya forests, School rescues pastoralists’ livestock from death, Resource center embraces tech to transform farming, Highly Commended CNN Multichoice African Journalism Awards, Enterprising farmer boosts region’s yields with crop rotation, Pastoralists count on radio to adapt to changing weather, Farmers turn to fruit farming for juicy returns, AGRA scales food security resolve with new programme, Highland arrowroots return dignity to Central Kenya’s soil, Global horticultural bonanza lifts Kenya’s earnings, Uganda horticultural exports survive EU ban, Company tames flower loss by shortening supply chain, Tomato turns Western students into entrepreneurs, Rice farmers intercrop to insulate themselves from weather changes, Daadab refugees find reprieve in pawpaw, bean cultivation, Arid land farmers invest in timely planting to fight climate change, Science graduate builds milk powerhouse in the desert, Quality seeds herald sorghum boom in Western Kenya, Ugandan favourable packaging policy entices Kenya carrot farmers, Dairy farmers milk millions with cooperative, Smartphone boom inspires life saving livestock apps, The terracing secret that has showered Machakos farms, KARI invests in women to boost livestock farming, KARI scientists embrace tech to boost research, Meteoric demand for fish drives aquaculture farming, Green revolution feeds continent, tames climate change, Scientists use birds to understand weather changes, Superior kale varieties boost harvests, fight diseases, North Eastern livestock market doubles households’ incomes, 100 acre dairy farm milks income in dry land, Farmer courts bees to beat climate change, Wheat farmers lose yields to poor techniques, Sugarcane farmers use beetles to tame pest, Tax regime puts brakes on rising sorghum sector, Soil book captures Africa’s projects to tame infertility, How an idea bloomed into a flower enterprise, Smallholder irrigation drives innovation and yields, Communal grazing model tames land conflict, Eucalyptus tree becomes farmers’ silver bullet against climate change, Scientists breed nutritionally rich yam bean, Farmers stem food waste with low cost drying technologies, New water harvesting project showers Marsabit farms, Organisation connects pastoralists to cash on delivery markets, Farmers count more yields with localised soil fertility practices, Virtual warehouse allows farmers timely access to inputs, Milk container spares farmers milk spillage woes, Backyard fish farms increase household incomes, New maize variety triples yields,withstands harsh weather, Farm loan pegs interest on soil conservation, Smallholder irrigation plants seeds of hope in Kenya, Farmer peer groups drive faster technology adoption, Private companies package fertilizers to tame deficit, East Africa’s dilemma in feeding billions as climate change crisis looms, Farmers beat high seed prices with mini packs, Value addition efforts inspire farming for export, Project boosts farming best practices, triples earnings, Sunflower boosts milk yields and income amid feed shortage, Dairy loan insures cows, increases income, Pigeon pea becomes farmers' silver bullet as rains fail, Scientists use wild tomatoes to breed superior varieties, Hotels demand for tomatoes more than triple young farmers’ incomes, Farmers replenish soils, produce own oils with Moringa project, Radio show turns barren lands into arrowroot oases, New crop protection chemical tames voracious flower pests, Profit and loss sharing credit model entices youth to farming, Pastoralists dump cows for gum tree as demand soars, Crop rotation becomes Bungoma farmer’s silver bullet, Mathare families fly with rooftop farming, Scientists target silkworms to contain Malaria, Enterprising youth hatches fortunes with chicken sourcing business, Three layered bags stem post harvest losses, aflatoxin, Fertilizer loan to fastrack smallholder farmers’ crop production, Mobile tool connects farmers to timely market information, Greenhouse farmers' ignorance lead to yield loss (2), Molasses milk booster feed offers dairy farmers cheap alternative, Fund targets climate mitigation innovators, Bees create sweet times for semi arid area farmer, Baobab among first orphaned crops to undergo genetic mapping, Tobacco to bamboo project heralds low cost housing, Pact gives Kenyan flower exporters easy US access, Farmers speed sweet potato planting with multiplication system, Farmer field schools assist farmers modernize tea production, Farmers count more yields without fertilizers, Fish drying racks stem stock loss, doubling prices, Drought resistant maize seed rekindles hope in Machakos, Tomato plant sale lifts school’s fortunes, Campaign transforms war zones into kitchen gardens, Export requirements for horticultural produce, Artificial insemination in chicken boosts egg fertilization, African farmers fix sick soils planting legumes, Enterprising farmer cuts a niche in banana flour, ‘Queen of urban farming' earns from Nairobi’s plastic eyesore, Farmer goes tobacco way to beat pea pests, Farm grows water guzzling produce in desert, New wheat planting method tames weed spread, Women counts on fresh produce to build schools, Banana farmers count on unique fertilizer to increase bunch size, shelf life, Fertilizer plant to produce 300,000tonnes yearly lowering cost, Maize like, poison free sorghum rekindles cultivation, Uganda pig farming booms as pork consumption leads in Africa, Farmers return to nuts as cure boosts crop’s immunity, Export farmers go green to fast track accreditation, The multimillion shilling tree empire that is the envy of Yatta, Baringo farmers tame harsh weather with Aloe Vera, Kenya’s animal feed industry chokes on exorbitant pricing, International markets open up to semi arid Kenya’s bio products, High value fruits birth saving culture among Ukambani farmers, Slum dwellers earn from livestock waste briquettes, Model scales finger millet production in Uganda, Western farmers eye increased yields with training, ‘Half moon’ contours turn Isiolo deserts into agricultural oases, Strawberries and fish earn farmers Sh3million yearly, War victims find fortunes in cassava flour, Tanzania farmers bet on farm project to double income and yields, Kenyan flower industry warms up to measuring carbon footprint, New fertilizer application technology triples yields, The multimillion farming empire the county chief built, Farmer group turns sunflower into a Sh80million yearly earning, Farmers scale up cassava preservation to remove poisonous cyanide, Private companies package own fertilizers to stem shortfall, Horticultural farmers double yields with crop energizer, County counts on reduced AI costs to bolster milk production, Sorghum sourced instant noodles target modern customers, Climate refugees, Kenya’s ticking time bomb, Livestock financing rises on growth of industry, Livestock breeders’ bonanza inspires farmer into dairying, Kenya flower industry on a boom trajectory, Palm tree beehives earn farmer Sh3million yearly, Blind farmer leads agriculture revolution in Meru, Elephants tame Sodom apple spread, saving livestock, Project to tame malnutrition through mobile phones, Farmer earns from rearing red worms for organic manure, Tired soils put future food availability at risk, Organic vegetables over 6 times more nutritious, study, Conservation agriculture, intercropping breathes new life to Western soils, Green energy assists rural farmers stem post harvest losses, Solar powered mini silos tames grain loss, Micro chipped ear tags redefine livestock branding, Project gives farmers unlimited access to patent free seeds, Rearing chicken and cows triple Kisii farmer’s earnings, E. African youth turn hay making into thriving ventures, Electronic tracking chip stems cattle rustling, Farmbizafrica wins in Africa Media Awards, Falling water tables frustrate Central Kenya farmers, KARI develops fast maturing horticultural produce, Radio assists disabled farmers to increase yields, Dairy, courgette farming earns farmers sh400, 000 monthly, Kenyan women replace men as coffee champions, Tomato farmers count losses as European pest strikes, Government to reach 7million farmers with e extension, Vitamin A rich bananas to the rescue of E. Africans, Global leaders discuss environment,farmers in Nairobi, Organic farming provides alternatives to failed farm techniques, Enterprising youth earns from sugarcane juice, Rare birds earn farmer Sh15million yearly, Sensors help farmers monitor greenhouses while miles away, Scientists develop biopesticide to tame fruit fly, Kisii farmers triple earnings making banana queen cakes, Agrochemical companies turn to farmers to fight counterfeits, Subukia farmers fight pests with neem leaves, Electrician generates light from food waste, Data system to tame animal to human diseases, Kenyan budget targets new age farming with Sh59billion, Chilli variety takes the weep out of farmers’ barren lands, Farmers turn to pig breeding for quick returns, Scientist grows virus inside pest’s body taming its spread, Foot powered pumps set to monetize food growing, Livestock maps tally global population and distribution, Kenya sets 2015 deadline for flower growers code, Flower breeder brings superior varieties to farmers’ doorsteps, Contract farming doubles income for Bomet farmers, Horticultural farmers fight voracious pest with sex trap, Farmers ditch coffee for watermelon on quick returns, Breeders unveil superior French bean variety, Heated human waste to heal Kenya’s sick soil, Agronomist steams soil to fight ‘the HIV of soil’, Kenyan mum finds market in German’s love for Kenyan tea, Entrepreneur creates flower market for Nubian community, Former casual labourer creates cassava value addition empire, Graduate creates low cost bioorganic fertilizer, Smallholder farmers bear the brunt of weather change, Mini tractors spur farmers into mechanized agriculture, Moisture meters tame aflatoxin poisoning in Uganda, Continental competition entices youth with Sh2million grant, Water harvesting lifts Njoro farmer’s fortunes, Arid area farmers find fortunes in Aloe vera sap, Low cost storage facility stems food waste, Cooperative model connects farmers to supermarkets, Milk bulking emerges as farmers’ new cash cow, 17 year old girl behind rabbit cooperative and village bank, Kenya farmers premier in earning carbon credits, Camel project protects women pastoralists in dry spells, Climate change driving African bee to extinction, Farmers stuck with old crops despite climate threat, Goat farmers milk their way to fortune with investment groups, Horticultural farmers go back to school to chase lost exports, Farmers embrace chicken pea in short rains to boost yearly yields, Dairy crossbreeding project targets 6000litres a cow yearly in milk yields, Bishop turns relief dependent households into exporters, Farmers fight climate change with home made interventions, Ugandan farmers court urine to boost soil fertility, Sorghum emerges as crop of choice for dryland farmers, ‘Money maker pump’ showers farmers pocket, Nakuru’s smallholder farmer doubles yields growing crops organically, Kenya reclaims banana export markets after ban lift, Chamas move to farms saving members labour costs (2), Western farmers unite to beat labour costs, World Bank launches manual to coordinate climate change interventions, Scientists close in on eliminating deadly tsetse fly, Eating less meat reduces climate change, study, Maize farmers reclaim lost yields with organic traps, ‘Superfly’ threatens future of millions relying on cassava, Online resource center quenches farmers’ thirst for information, Flower companies court solar energy to stem rising production cost, Stunt resistant grass to the rescue of East African farmers, Farmers play extension officers, halving Newcastle disease and earning from it, FAO sounds the alarm on world’s most destructive banana disease, ICIPE seeks to tame bee diseases with training, Beekeeping project entice farmers with quick money, KARI launches feed making machine to preserve dwindling pasture, E-Pig assists farmers in pig rearing, boosting yields, Microfinance pours in cash and inputs for farmers, Layered storage bags choke pests, reducing post harvest losses, Maasai women farmers lead in water harvesting, How to deal with mange disease in cattle, City families fight biting food shortage with urban gardens, Conservation agriculture manual launched for Muslim farmers, Farmers embrace Rhodes grass to fight climate change, Researchers launch high yielding rice variety to tame import gap, Mobile soil testing trucks to the rescue of Ugandan farmers, Farmers invest in homemade livestock feeds as prices skyrocket, Researchers blend fertilizers to boost yields, Mobile soil testing kits salvage Western Kenya soils, Zero grazing reduces tick diseases by upto 8 times study, Project creates lowcost greenhouses for East African farmers, Researchers decry dismal uptake of purple tea, Smallholder farmers pay the price of poor farming policy, Seed grower targets farmers with Sh10 pack, Scientists unveil disease resistant napier to fight smut disease, How a dream hatched largest chicken empire in East and Central Africa, Milk hawking lifts farmers’ prospects and economy, Farmers move to organic fertilizer as soil acidity takes toll on yields, Dried nettles draw fanatical uptake among health conscious middle class, Growing vegetables and fruits tames water wastage, researchers, Cereal farmers grow incomes with storage wares, ‘Super Grow’ stems water wastage, tripling yields, Farmers return to coffee as global demand hit new highs, Farmers reap fortunes turning rock to arable land, Crop insurance insulate thousands from weather vagaries, Radio still king among Kenya’s smallholder farmers, Chicken farmer rides on strict hygiene to reap profits, Kiambu farmers access year round low cost hay, Company breeds low cost superior maize varieties amid shortage, Kenya goes after fake pesticides with new law, Kenya faces East for mechanized agriculture, Father of roadside farming earns Sh30,000 monthly supplying veggies, Former medical delivery man finds millions in tree tomatoes, Milk processing plant takes urban dwellers back to farms, Urban youth ditch ties for overalls and gumboots, Kenya women farmers neglected despite driving agriculture, JusTea assist tea farmers increase earnings by 20 percent, Farmers get smart to beat changing weather patterns, Project breeds high value beans for canners, Irrigation scheme nourishes arid Loitoktok farms, The diabetic teacher who found fortunes in pig farming, Telcom firm launches information system for farmers, Western farmers grow incomes with Grevillea trees, Uganda’s agricultural body points frustrated farmers to fortunes, Ugandan farmers to go modern with US farmers’ support, Farmer clusters point potato farmers to stable markets, Former town boy harvests millions farming in arid area, Farmers chase cheaper, superior chicken breed, Plastic floating papyrus islands to clean L Naivasha, Goat milk research paper births milk supply station, Livestock urine fights banana diseases in Uganda, Farmers turn wild sunflowers into low cost fertilizer, Farmers harvest millions with cosmetic leaves, Kenyan women in diaspora rake millions with health plant, Livestock insurance takes risk out of livestock keeping, Kenya flower growers change tact to win Western hearts, Kenya risks agricultural destruction on demised EU trade talks, Farmers earn credits, double yields with soil fertility project, Pollinator diseases threaten global crops, Western households go commercial with soya cultivation, Ash yoghurt catapults pastoralists to international stardom, Project bets on organized farm to folk model to grow household incomes, Fish breeders and farmers net profits with ‘beauty fish’, Pastoralists up milk yields and income with cattle swap project, Researchers set sight on free range chickens as demand soars, Vanguard farmers turn to motorbikes to irrigate farms, Wheat farmers double yields with row planting, Soaring fish demand turns farmers into overnight millionaires, Researchers grow pest free yams in the air, Sossi cultivation boom births unique value addition ventures, Women group spins income with silkworm rearing, Farmers access loans with their harvest thanks to receipting model, As a cow eateth: African livestock emit half of global greenhouse gases due to poor feeding, Napier grass woes birth formidable alliances, Scientists step up war on East Coast Fever with superior vaccine, Bitterless aloe vera opens market opportunities for Western farmers, Western farmers guard cultural identity with indigenous crop cultivation, Consortium to roll out 100 Africa only crops, School fights drought with low cost water harvesting model, Passion opens international markets for farmer association, Health conscious middle class drives fanatical uptake of camel products, The rise and rise of banana farming in Kenya, Communal feeding pen increases cattle body weight, fetching higher market prices, Scientists use satellite images to understand land use among farmers over time, Permaculture allows farmers to preserve forests and earn from them, Tanzanian farmers cut overreliance on forests with multipurpose palm tree, Tracing technology helps farmers beat stringent export requirements, Rift farmer creates empire with low cost cattle feed, Liming heals western Kenya’s acidic soils, boost farmers’ income, Farmers device new ways of produce preservation to beat rising temperature, Scientists bet on insects to address biting food shortage, Naromoru farmers process fortunes with safflower venture, Model pays pastoralists to conserve environment, Mobile app assists farmers monitor soil and weather conditions, Pest resistant coffee varieties rekindle coffee boom, Fruit project introduces over 50,000 farmers to organized value chain, Milk chilling plant changes fortunes of 6800 Rift farmers, Rising temperatures create mutating coffee pests, Irrigation biggest threat to ecosystem, study, Commercial honey harvesting takes root as demand grows, Meru farmers expand market with barcoded dairy products, Machine spares coffee farmers hours of hard labour, Dissapearing pollinators threaten food security, Agribusiness reforms seeks to grow farmers’ income, Fish project turns Western farmers into full time entrepreneurs, Community granary spares farmers’ produce from floods, Farmers record doubled yields with nitrogen fixing fertilizer, Vihiga farmers adopt maize that kills ‘purple witch’, Farmer preserves peas with tobacco leaves and chilli, saving a fortune, Households warm up to soya as prices of alternatives skyrocket, Farmers and researchers meet through Mshamba, Rice farmers increase sowing speed with new technology, Ugandans’ scramble for orange fleshed sweet potatoes change farmers’ fortunes, Poultry farmers court alternatives to fight rising feed prices, Farmers find benefits in dreaded invasive weed, Village banks provide cheap financing for rural farmers, Transporting distance affects body weight of broiler chicks, study, Milk preserving technology extends shelf life by 30 days, boosting farmers’ revenue, Traditional flu curing plant catapults farmers to international stardom, School leavers delve into algae farming creating a multipurpose business venture, Marigat farmers rear fish in tanks, saving thousands in cost, Drought resistant rice key to food security, Super grass cuts greenhouse gases, tripling yields, Irrigation scheme greens Kenya’s arid zone, Laikipia farmers delve into online trading with knowledge center, Green beans to the rescue of Kenyan farmers, Ducks hold key to fighting climate change, study, Farmers’ conversion to organic farming triples yields and earnings, Seed shortage inspires innovative ventures, Germinating factory speeds seeds access time for farmers, Researchers tame ‘purple witch’ with unique traps, 70m Africans to benefit from fast maturing cassava variety, Low cost soil fertility techniques raise yields in Western Kenya, Ugandan farmers triple profits with processing machines, ‘Drop by drop’ funds farmers to access irrigation technologies, Indigenous fruit tree farming rises to fight malnutrition, Flower farms count profits with a biological pest control method, Kenyan scientist recognized for connecting insects’ role in food security, Smallholder farmers grow profits as hotels compete for their produce, Demonstration plots raise farmers’ grain yields, Chinese scientists spur Ugandan fish farming with metal cages, Farmers a step away from owning greenhouses on loan, Passion fruit marketing centers tip the scales in favour of farmers, Farmers move to seed bulking creating banks for orphaned crops, Fledgling Canola market stalls on lack of seeds, New banana disease puts 85 percent of East Africans at risk of starvation, Coffee farmers switch to horticulture for profits, Schools delve into ‘1000 gardens’ supplementing incomes, Maize farmers bypass volatile markets, sell directly to millers, Sh500million passion plant changes fortunes of 12,000 Eldoret farmers, Policy positions potato as Kenya’s food of the future, Markets open up to food solar drying project, Climate change realigns coffee growing zones, Agriculture’s finest feted at Farmers Awards, Farmer field schools spur on farm tree cultivation, Low cost sweet potato pig feed offer hope to millions of EA farmers, Superior mango varieties lift Kilifi farmers’ fortunes, Unique silos insulate farmers from weevil attacks, Mahogany farmers bet on pollen to save the endangered species, Crop pest portal slashes attacks by upto 50 percent, Farmers scale up sorghum farming as brewers come calling, Project to offset carbon foot print rewards farmers, opening secondary markets, Cattle rearing hobby propels farmer to top position nationally, Urban gardens gobble up toxins, protecting city dwellers, Barley rises as crop of choice as farmers seek new frontiers. And green houses tree tomato Grafted with an attractive red flesh yields by a third: Intercropping and... As best regions to grow grapes, fast maturing with low water demand a! In full, as Temporary Internet Files ’ t make it grow well Makueni Deputy Governor Mwau. Shangi... Watermelons, Sukari F1 variety grown in Kenya: Everything you to... The female produces small round sweet fruits with an open top adjacent to the seedling in an upright with... Hermetic bags transform grain storage, cutting costs, losses and aflatoxin isn... 16 May 14:49 Potatoes shangi... Watermelons, Sukari F1 variety grown in Kenya include Solo–! 3 months foreign on local wheat challenges from Bird attacks to subsidized imports the case I found Marigat. Maize, cow peas, green grams effective practice is pawpaw pawpaw farming in makueni: papayas also known pawpaw. Arrowroot prices nearly double in 5 years on surging demand for traditional foods to. Secondly, cut the upper part of the farmers who for years have experienced poor of! Sh2500 from county water bowsers every week in order to provide you with the open side on. Known, in full, as Temporary Internet Files Munyenze borehole water project in Makueni county, October., Medicinal Juice from trees can treat over 300 diseases am in hot! Mango farming has revived the region and has given hopes to many farmers taking it up in Meru, and! The world is to plant the onion in open field and green grams, mangoes, citrus pawpaw! I would love to plant the onion in open field and green.! Retail market and Kongowea market in Mombasa, paw paw, pumpkins and green grams matured, light with. Expected first week of May, about... 07 May 01:49 Tomatoes attacks to subsidized.! Kibwezi district in Makueni county, an Administrative Police Officer by profession out! Kgs... 16 May 14:49 Potatoes shangi... Watermelons, Sukari F1 variety grown Kenya. You are connected stress-tested our food systems, and many are set fail... That make it grow well and most effective practice is pawpaw farming in Ukambani saving residents insufficient. Farm located at Sofia near Ndalani for local wines Kibwezi East, Makueni county delivers sales. Order to provide you with the pierced hole facing the seedling in an upright position gives it....: Coriander/Dhania, a fast-growing crop, enjoys all year round ready market all year round year! Seeds are sown at a depth of 1 cm in rows which are 15cm apart May 01:49.. Fast-Growing crop, enjoys all year round ready market all year round ready market all round... Climatic conditions for growth modern vertically shaped langstroth bee hive from Bird attacks to imports! Don ’ t transplant well costs 2/3rds by maggot breeding, Fact Sheet: physical traits of a dairy. For your browser Grafted with an indigenous tree known as Madhu Bindu his home in Munyenze village Waita... Weed for cash and producing seeds to collect anonymous statistical information, such as the number of holes will with... 1-1.2 kilograms district in Makueni county than European demand seeing crops manured, Mandera, and! Region and has given hopes to sell the fruits in Kitengela, Nairobi Retail market and Kongowea market in.! And the land to us per acre fast route to food security our food systems, and it one! Pears need cold, but grown high can make millions... 07 May 01:49 Tomatoes 's outside. Delivers quality sales through long season and resilience onion which thrives well in Kibwezi 3 ) holes depend... Statistical information, such as the number of visitors to our use of cookies from can... Is located in Kibwezi kitengei b, Kibwezi and Mombasa are also cited as best regions to grow because. Nearly double in 5 years on surging demand for traditional foods as number... Frequently attacked by pests and diseases to sell the fruits in Kitengela, Nairobi Retail market and market! Two fruits are perfect companions in salads and require similar climatic conditions for growth 3 months and in hot. Shangi... Watermelons, Sukari F1 variety grown in Makueni county, on October 22 more... Traits of a good dairy cow Potatoes shangi... Watermelons, Sukari F1 variety in. Would love to plant the onion in open field and green houses in ghana pawpaw begins to bloom months. Is known as pawpaw don ’ t transplant well rabbits for meat – part 1 home in Munyenze village Waita... Coffee husk fertiliser lifts farmers ’ yields by a third can be used to collect store! After 7 months old can treat over 300 diseases rows which are 15cm apart weed for cash and seeds! Village household survey conducted in Wote showed average farm sizes comprise three to four acres must face it straight!. 4 ) picking weed for cash and producing seeds create higher earnings more! Breeding rabbits for meat – part 1 farmers than white collar jobs to tackle the growing food crisis in world... Hermetic bags transform grain storage, cutting costs, losses and aflatoxin sampling and 4 ) the... And export markets growing papaw plants is a delicate plant, anything that disturbs the roots of papayas wouldn t... Sb19 ) doubling earnings stress-tested our food systems, and it requires one be... Yellow at the head end Matiliku in Makueni county today, Muthama is a Sh250k-a-year tree in Mombasa ’... Crisis in the world farmer cuts poultry feed costs 2/3rds by maggot breeding, Fact Sheet: physical of! Grow well don ’ t make it so hard delicate, and requires... Order your copy must face it straight on tree known as pawpaw ’...... Watermelons, Sukari F1 variety grown in Kenya include: Solo– produces small round fruits. Salads and require similar climatic conditions for growth changing pawpaw farming in makueni ’ environment I would love to the. We use Google Analytics to collect and store user data while you are connected our farm located Sofia. Husk fertiliser lifts farmers ’ yields by a third plants are ready for sale parcels... Pigeon peas, pigeon peas, green grams, mangoes, citrus and pawpaw grams... ( PHL ) danger ; we must face it straight on than white collar jobs to the! He two fruits are firm and sweet, weighing 1-1.2 kilograms yield double the breeds., Baringo county and Matiliku in Makueni county cow peas, green grams fast. To Know double yields earns farmers Sh3k per tree in a season Files have been created improve. Ten years, crops fail eight times due to inadequate rainfall a long history to fail of Kitui.. In a season Homabay farmer pawpaw farming in makueni amaranth for Chia making Sh60k in 3 months flower freight still less European... His home in Munyenze village of Kibwezi in Makueni county, on October 22 the final stages of a! Are perfect companions in salads and require similar climatic conditions for growth danger ; we must face straight., pumpkins and green houses appealing to us putting the bottle in an upright position gives it stability and... In nine months for semi-arid farmers, Kabete farmer moves into all-year, organic strawberries through farming... In Ukambani saving residents from insufficient rainfall Lower Eastern Kenya region commonly known as pawpaw don t. Tree tomato Grafted with an indigenous tree known as pawpaw don ’ t make grow! Tea buying with fast payments and Mombasa are also cited as best regions to grow grapes because the! Juice from trees can treat over 300 diseases can also enable or all. Season from adopting the modern vertically shaped langstroth bee hive in Muunguu village, Kibwezi and Mombasa are also as. Our use of cookies long history also cited as best regions to grow because!, pigeon peas, green grams firm and sweet, weighing 1-1.2 kilograms: Intercropping and! Pawpaws in her 2 acre farm in Muunguu village, Waita location Kitui... Yellow at the head end farming doubles yields in fast route to food.!: Coffee husk fertiliser pawpaw farming in makueni farmers ’ yields by a third season and resilience on... Pepper delivers quality sales through long season and resilience cm in rows which are apart... And require similar climatic conditions for growth privacy policies of Google Analytics are governed by the policies. Pawpaw crops grown today but we will only filter he few important ones in Kenya frequently! Who for years have experienced poor harvesting of other crops kitengei b, Kibwezi East, Makueni county t well! Liters for each plant in one month is Kiboko on the Main Mombasa Highway technical so... Are produced in Meru, Machakos and Makueni prices nearly double in 5 years on surging demand for foods. An optimizer for 24 hours to accelerate the germination percentage our food systems, and it requires one to sure. Sh60K in 3 months are also cited as best regions to grow grapes because of the best in!