She is the Owner, Host and Creative Director of GoodKnit Kisses. Thanks. Stitch using Red Heart With Love and Red Heart Super Saver yarns to achieve the popular design on this pattern. I too would like to make this as a scarf, if I knew how. 2) Treat everyone with kindness and respect. Thanks in advance. There is only room for 3 clusters and then I skip 2 stitches and I make a DC in the last chain. You wasn’t considered a “lady” until you could make a doily. The “stripes” created in the pools will just be a little narrower…? I can remember my grandmother working with her variegated yarns in various ways until a design emerged from her stitches. Instead you will make a DC in the last stitch of that cluster, turn and chain 3. This will get you started an on your way! I learned it just took sometime to figure out the tension from the colors. But in the same brand of yarn, the length of the repeat cycle of colour may be the difference and the lengths of the colours may be different. ©2020 The Crochet Crowd. My blanket the double crochet seems really tight, so I can make the six clusters. I am using color Times Square. You are so entirely right that the first row requires looser stitches. For Row 2, pull out the last single crochet and chain one of Row 1 and turn. I’m using Caron Simply Soft Stripes – Jersey Shore and a 5mm hook usually I’d use a 4.5 for this yarn. The result is that you create "pools" of color. 3) Keep posts related to crochet pooling. This will cause the first row to be the same colour as the row below and will cause an automatic shift in the pattern. The most common of these designs is a criss-cross or plaid/argyle type pattern. When attaching the next strand, pinpoint an exact same colour transition point. But I am ending on the next color after my starting color! You will stop when the colour sequence is completed. I have started and it is working great but I changed to a new skein of yarn and realized that the colors are in a different order. Before you continue, back up 1 stitch and ch-1 and pull out the stitch. I ended up using a size 4 hook and finished my blanket. Caron Simply Soft Stripes is one of those yarns! I’m trying to figure how much yarn to get, too possibly make it larger. The common denominator of success is the stitch counts to start. Thanks for being the Pro that you are, and sharing your techniques! And how many chain?? CROCHET. To create the Bernat Softee Chunky Planned Pooling Scarf, you will start by chaining 28. NO one seems to answer questions here….. I’m just trying this pattern and finding nothing works. I still get 6 sts per color…as before but it jumps in the next run across ( not next row but every other row) it starts about 3 sts later……what do I need to adjust? Red heart has decent selection, google yarn for color pooling. Crochet Plaid Neckwarmer, Planned Pooling Cowl, Crochet Cowl, Crochet Scarf, Argyle Scarf, Plaid Scarf, Boston Harbor Cowl - Ready to Ship PeachtreeCottage. Or is it just a bad skien??? I am pretty disappointed, and will look at another project because that’s really not my fault the yarn is uneven , I think that’s what she uses in the video…the 25% more. It solved the issues of trying to cycle through without knowing the counts and just undoing the chain at the end of unused chains was brilliant. Even though you just turned, you should still have 6 dark purple clusters (3 on the previous row and 3 clusters on the new row. You need to cut out the knot as the knot may not be at the right interval for colourway or the distance of the colour is compromised by the knot. Ch 2, sc into next ch-1 space, *ch 1, 1 sc in next ch-1 space. Unravel your stripes yarn a bit to find a good color to start with. I love the soft shades of this super saver colorway combined with the matching solids. Did you have any problems like that? Planned Pooling Argyle Throw free crochet pattern in Red Heart Super Saver yarn. If you aren’t at your color change then you need to unravel and adjust your starting spot to make it work. From shop PeachtreeCottage. ‎Crochet or knit like a professional with variegated yarn by finding the perfect pattern for your yarn project. The possibilities are endless! I’m finding I’m needing lots of finagling. Either you enjoy trying to make the projects or you don’t. And feel free to post pictures of your finished hats and/or links to your shops on my Facebook wall so all can see. Stitch your project in Red Heart Super Saver Pooling - a yarn that's engineered to easily achieve a pooled plaid effect. Hi Deborra – I chained 185 for the foundation chain. There is advice out there to tell you how many chains to do with this concept, you need to ignore this advice. I get 7 cluster out of each color, I tried switching to a 5.5mm hook and STILL got 7 clusters. Back when I learned to crochet, you were taught with very fine yarn or some called it thread. I have been tugging it tightly to make the six clusters, and it is apparent. I think it’s working, but did you have to force some colors to work? I know this is not your problem and I’m not blaming you, just wondered if others have found this with this yarn. I just bought the yarn yesterday and have tried with multiple skeins and different size hooks and its not working. This top is made with Katia Magic Diamonds, a special yarn that can be used for planned pooling. This will keep your sequence in line and at the same colour point. I am using color Times Square (so fitting for my first project of the New Year) but this yarn comes in 8 shades! I’m having this problem with one color but not another… I went down a hook size AND was tight and it still barely worked and looked funky. The others will only give me 5 clusters. I have doilies that my Grandmother crocheted. Crocheting is a very delicate art. My math came up with 184, so 185 to tie off the last makes so much sense. I would like to buy caron soft stripe pooling yarn but since i live in malta i can t find a site that ships to malta. How funny! Will colour pooling work with Lion Brand Mandala and or Lion Brand Baby Mandala? Then you join in your yarn at the spot needed. How did the redheart yarn do? I just wanted to say that your comment is one of the more positive ones that I read. Such a great idea but the yarn itself is frustrating me. That tiny bit of difference seems to have done the trick. Will that throw it all off even though it will make it stagger like it’s suppose to? Some call the same stitch by other names but it’s still the same. Did you end up using 5 clusters and does In first chain (this will be the one next to where you fastened off because you really can’t get your hook into the spot where you fastened off your chain) join yarn IN THE MIDDLE of the first color you decide to use. There is another granny afghan stitch in a different yarn (RH primary colors) that I want to try and I see other pictures where their cluster count is 8 or more. Frogged three times, finally got the clusters to work (6 per color) but it’s not staggering. Such a neat twist on color pooling! Notice the word "intentionally" - means that if you do a little pre-planning, you can make the colors pool the way they should without having to frog your work a million times. Repeat * Across. I am guessing this has to do with dye lot (which is a bummer because I have to order the yarn online). Planned pooling is a technique where you intentionally work the colors of a multi-colored skein of yarn to make a specific design or color effect when you crochet. For some reason I’ve You must end on the same color you started with (in this case dark purple). I changed my hooks 3 times and nothing works. I want to try this so much but this yarn is not available in my country , check out my instagram @jprms_ for my colorpooling blanket. Planned Color Pooling with Long Color Changing Variegated Yarn using the half double crochet in the 3rd loop at front 1) First of all you need to find a yarn with long color changes that can pool; that means the color sequence repeats consistently. Below you can find my video tutorial for a crochet top made with Katia Magic Diamonds in size S up to 5XL. I bought some yarn, but the stripes are too long. I used the exact same yarn and hook as Laura Jean and it just wouldn’t work. A mere hobby in trying to reach out to others as he was mentally struggling with his own issues. Approximately how long is each colour in the Caron Simply Soft? Finally I had to take a break and try again. If I want to do a scarf do you think it is possible?? Kristen Mangus Yarn color, color pooling, Crochet, everyday plaid, planned pooling, pooling, Premier, premier everyday plaid, yarn. I only get 6 clusters with my yellow and turquoise. i am using jersey shore yarnspirations. Thank you! It is in a PDF format. The project measures approx. This prevents you from having to constantly restart your chain and will get you on your way quicker. And the first thing you were taught to make was a very lacy doily. I didn’t finish the first sentence, did the red heart yarn do well pooling I know it has been several years but I am really wanting to try it. The only way I could make it work and keep it staggering is getting rid of a cluster in the beginning. That’s when it’s time to walk away and get refreshed. Maintain 6 clusters for each color! Like adjust your tension with each different color? Please help me. In the picture below you will see that I have 2 SC stitches along the cluster edge and then one SC in the space between clusters. At least now I know to to do when I attach the next skein! You can learn how to do Planned Pooling Crochet to create Argyle and Diamond patterns in this tutorial video. Note that your starting chain will not be creating any pooling at all but you need a foundation on where to start. One with 42 stitches and the other with 30. I started with a H hook and I started over with a g hook now I’m down to a F and I am still having a problem with getting the 6 clusters. Chain 3, *Skip 2 chains, and make 3 DC in the next stitch, repeat * two more times and now you should be at your first (natural) color change as in the picture below. Not sure if I’m going to continue or just move on to another project. Continue pattern until it’s time to add in a new skein. Hi Viola, I’m not Sarah the crafter that thought up this beautiful blanket, but my name is Sandy and I have been crocheting for 50 years. I had it working great with old stock Times square until I had to add a new skein and it was the new stock marked 25% more. Carol. That’s what I’m thinking of trying… started one with the Golden Gate color and it was working out with six clusters just fine. So I need two more clusters of purple and I need to make sure my yarn is in the correct sequences so I needs to go from dark purple to blue to light purple to pink… So I have pulled the yarn past the dark purple, past the blue, and now I am at the light purple.. And I will join with enough light purple in my strand to make two more clusters. Planned Pooling is a technique used to intentionally work the colors of a variegated skein of yarn in pattern to make a specific design. I think you’d need 185. The only problem I’ve been having is that every skein of yarn has had one or two places where the manufacturer has tied the yarn. My Moma taught me how to crochet. So the chain will not match the project but it’s hardly noticeable. I doubled the starting chain and I have the right amount of chains to end with the last color having 3 clusters. For example. Now for the border! I am also using Central Park, and it took me a while to pin down the right hook. It is going to take a lot of yarn, but I think it will be worth it. I’m not sure what I am doing wrong but I am not ending on the same color! How many clusters should be in each row? It happened to me in the middle of a skein but they were just reversed. Hello I have done this planned pooling with a different colorway of the same yarn with no problems,but I am having a hard time with the time square colorway. I have some pretty yarn that I’d thought I’d try color-pooling with ~ but I keep reaching past it to get some other thing. Thank you! You’ve truly helped me so very much. First you have to plug in the actual stitch count for each color. Try pulling the yarn from the opposite end. I found the granny stitch pooling very interesting and I like being able to use Caron yarn instead of the other brand lol. I used a 5.5 hook for the first row, but was having an issue with the next row matching, so I changed to a 5.0 hook and it is working perfectly…some of the colours, I have to pull a little tighter and some looser. Stripes of colour should be about. This will leave unused chains that you will undo later. Repeat step 5 until your project is complete. How To Crochet Planned Color Pooling with Video Planned Pooling Video I used Red Heart Variegated Yarn and a H Size Hook. She kept changing her hook and finally got it but the hook size was smaller than recommended. So I’m thinking I’ll try for five clusters and double the pattern… fingers crossed! My biggest trouble with color pooling attempts has been changing skeins, even when lining up the color, how to get it so exact as to not throw off the pooling. How planned color pooling works Color pooling is based on the principle that when a color changing yarn is manufactured it is done with a steady rhythm in the colorway. Turn. Thank you for publishing these details! Have you done a blanket like this larger and could you double the chain amount from 95 to 190 to work. I finally think I got it, I am using a smaller hook…but now my clusters are spot on. Question!!! For myself, I tried this 6 times and I couldn’t get it to work. While creating this blanket, more than half way through the skein there was a knot where yarn was added, and much to my chagrin it didn’t match the sequence of colors thar was already in place! Say you are ending and there is a black/red switch of colour. Overall, the blanket turned out a nice size and I plan on making a nice wide boarder too. I’m on my thrid frog out…tried adjusting hook size…no luck, I don’t know what I’ve done…I’m getting them to pool but it is making squares instead of the rectangles. Is there a way to make this pattern for larger afghans and still get same effect? Hi there! I would like to make this for my daughter bed. No, because the colors in Caron Cakes are so much longer. I tried everthing but that. Thank you for the great directions. I have frogged it and restarted 3 times. But… it’s working the way Sara’s has her pattern. His goal was simple, find others in the yarn communities, like him, that have a common interest. I’m using the color Martha’s Vineyard and this pattern is working will for me! Doubling the chain to 190 made the entire pattern off because the corners didn’t fill in like they should have. The one I used was time square. Stop on the colour before the next colour (which is repeating) begins. With different tensions and types of yarn, it will make a difference if it works for you. Can’t wait to try this technique! Our Laura Jean first jumped on this a couple of weeks ago. I’m putting on the appropriate number of stitches and the placement is appropriate….it has to be something with the ending color on the rows. And learn from it. The final pattern for this collection of Crochet Planned Pooling Patterns is the Crochet Planned Pooling Argyle Wristers pattern they are practical and handy to have on you if you get cold hands often but want to keep your fingers free. Love your videos they really help to understand how to do it!!! What would my starting chain be? The navy, green, black and gray colors create one of the most iconic plaids, Blackwatch. Thank you for this pattern. (using the same as in your tutorial btw) Planned Pooling Crochet 101 – The Basics There are two ways to get into the pool. I am using Central Park Caron Simply Soft Stripes, and ch 185 for the foundation chain. You sure it’s 95? Manufacture’s knot then shorted a full color. I’m also using Times Square and it seems to me that the blue section is always short, so I’m crocheting tighter to make it fit 6 clusters and the dark pink I’m doing looser. This site does not use affiliate links. Colours that transition under 6″ or the colours are slow to change from one colour to another will not work for you. Blog Pattern Store GlamSpun Yarn Store Free Patterns Crochet School Young Living Yarn Goddess Merch Affiliates About Red Heart Super Saver. Rule 3: To start, single crochet and chain one (the moss stitch) through the entire color sequence. But you see how I ran out of light purple after 4 clusters. to make it bigger because 190 wasn’t working (double the 95 as suggested). This is a large throw afghan that is made using the multi-sequence pooling technique then a beautiful solid color border is added to really frame the beautiful argyle look of the throw. I’m not scared to at least try this! – Size H Crochet Hook If so, remember to use the hashtags #RepeatCrafterMe and #Yarnspirations in your social media posts! I used about 4.5 skeins for this blanket. It turned out nice, and I was able to do the six clusters. I used the planned pooling app and discovered that a chain of 104 will get you the same argyle outcome…still a work in progress, I hope this is helpful. The number of colours in a yarn ball doesn’t matter. You may not sell our patterns or re-upload them elsewhere. This is a very unique approach to working with variegated yarns. Very frustrating how just a tad off can throw off the look completely. I always thought my tension was pretty even but I could not make the pooling consistent. I wonder if they changed something with the yarn because the color changes are not even. 5 out of 5 stars (459) 459 reviews $ 35.00 FREE shipping Only 1 available and it's in 1 person's cart. This is working out fine with the Times Square colourway but I’m struggling to make it work with Madison Avenue. What a pain! I like “standard” color pooling for scarves but I’m working on a blanket in Golden Gate and am enjoying this method more. Download Planned Pooling and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Shop all the colors HERE on Join me in making the Planned Pooling Crochet Throw for your own home. Review the yarn by pulling out the yarn and looking for the sequence of variegated yarn colourway. 5 skeins of Caron Simply Soft Stripes. Might not work for such a narrow item though. I had some colors long enough for 6 clusters, and other only long enough for 5… There were only two skeins of the old one and 5 of the new, so I got the new one, that’s really disappointing! Written Pattern. After three attempts I’m finally getting the pattern to show correctly. When I added the new skein, the yarn coming from the center was wrong, so I had to use the outside end to match up the pattern. I would love to see how your color pooling is looking! That is how you know it is working! The magic number is 6. So fun to see a different twist on color pooling with the granny stitch! The colour lengths seem longer and inconsistent. Just going straight up. Here are two examples of Planned Pooling using the App. Continue pattern by making 3 DC between each 3 DC cluster from previous row. Laura Jean Bartholomew. Thank you so much for this pattern! ❤. It goes great staggering till the beginning of row 5. Does anyone know if the Caron paints will work for this? If this is new for you, you will most likely notice a shift in your tension like Laura Jean’s Example of the blue scarf where the crossing overlooks quicker in the beginning. There’s no reason that shouldn’t work, right? Planned pooling is a technique where you change the color order by adding or removing a stitch at the end of a So many excellent patterns and ideas it’s almost impossible to decide which one to do next! Continue pattern as you have been. I’m using an H hook, tried an I, still didn’t come out…I give up…. I might try a different color. These are a few examples of plaid. She has a full size bed. I am using the caron stripes Golden Gate Bridge and the colors are longer! I’m having to do one color so loose to make it work that the stitches are sloppy and the next so tight just to get the right number of clusters … and the colors are still blending together …. Planned pooling is one of the most creative ways to work with color in crochet. I can’t wait to see the end result. 4) When asked, share patterns by using a link to the original source in the comments section of your post. Many of the resources are telling us to concentrate on the stitch counts. Continue on with the 3 DC between each cluster from previous row until you get to the end of your third row.